Total Synthesis of Natural Products

Without organic molecules such as medications, crop-protections, nutrition’s, fragrances and flavors, life would be neither convenient nor possible. Our research program emphases total synthesis of biologically active natural products or model compounds having potentially bioactive, targeted molecules possess unique challenges in asymmetric bond construction. A complex multistep synthesis endeavor affords a target oriented setting within which to engage in reaction innovation and design. Our research should facilitate and make significant contributions to the synthesis of important organic molecules like natural products, heterocyclic compounds and to make these processes more environmental friendly manner.

Synthetic Methods / Enantioselective Catalysis

We also work on the development of enantioselective catalysis with high levels of enantioselectivity and purity, the development of novel methods for stereoselective bond formation is of paramount importance to organic synthesis. Thus, the ability to produce any desired organic compound efficiently in enantioselective manner is of great interest. In this respect, catalysis is a key technology that will become more and more important in the future. Our research program is dedicated to the development and application of new catalytic methods in the area of organic chemistry in order to facilitate the way organic molecules are made with high enantiopurity.